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Create a Campaign for your e-book, video or music.

Describe what you're selling and upload the file. Provide more formats so buyers can enjoy it on multiple devices.

Give your Showcase some style: add a product image, sample content or a video about your product.


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Make sure you've completed as many features of your Campaign Showcase as possible.

Use the Preview function to check how it looks before publishing. But no worries, you can always go back and edit it later.


Publish Campaign

Under Campaigns, choose Edit next to the Showcase you want to sell in bulk. You'll come to the Editing page.

Choose Direct Sales among the options on the left. This is where you can set up the quantity discount levels. 

The buyer will receive a CSV file with unique codes for distribution to the final users. They will be able to redeem codes and download your product.

Congratulations, you are now selling in bulk!


Set Bulk Pricing

While Ganxy double-checks and approves your uploaded files, you can examine the available promotion options. Share a link on Twitter, embed your Campaign Showcase on any website or your Facebook page, or email it to your fans.



Promote Campaign 


Sell more copies of your product in 4 simple steps

Selling in bulk

Buying in bulk

Campaign Showcase creation


Campaign Showcase and Facebook embed in action


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Automate bulk, volume, or special sales via your website. 

Ganxy Bulk Sales allows discounts, makes pricing transparent, and automates transactions. Customers can order in bulk paying with a credit card just as they would for a single copy through the Internet. Publishers can choose to offer Ganxy Bulk Sales on an author blog, their own website, or even a third-party site such as a blog or news outlet.