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Ganxy makes it quick and simple to create professional-looking Showcases for your digital content. Each Showcase includes a description, cover image, and preview, with optional video—and then offers customers access to your content, either through direct purchase from you or from any other retailers that carry your digital content.

Each Showcase gets a web address that you can link to, but more importantly Showcases can be embedded anywhere: on a website, in a blog post, or on a Facebook page. It can also be linked to from Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.

In addition to Ganxy’s ease of use, great customer service, and plenty of flexibility, we give you analytics that help you get to know your audience. You can learn where and how customers discovered your content—across any website and channel where the Showcase appears. Also, our Showcases make your content look professional and consistent everywhere it appears on the Internet.

You can create giveaways, award contest winners, send review copies, distribute copies at conferences, and more. You can even ask promotional customers to provide their contact information to access content, giving you a forum for ongoing contact with your audience. We make the redemption process smooth, with a password-protected online account where customers can return to your content later.

Ganxy supports all major devices such as Kindle, Nook, iPad/iPhone, Android, PC/Mac, and more, as well as all major formats (ePub, Mobi, PDF, PRC, MP3, and video) in one place. You can also bundle multiple items of the same or different content types together.

Keeping control of your content is important to you—and it is important to Ganxy. Only customers who are logged in (a process we make simple) can access your content. Also, download links can’t be shared. 

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Know your audience by following who received your content—and then contact them directly if you like.

Protect your content: Ganxy requires customers to be logged in to access content and offers download links that are monitored and can’t be shared.


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In-Person and Special Sales

Printed Redemption Cards. Make an impact in person by offering cards for redemption. Sell or give them away as a promotion.

Combine Physical and Digital. Any physical product can be tied to digital content, so unleash your creativity!

Bulk Sales. With our digital vouchers, you can sell thousands of copies of your content at once.



It's important not to forget using the real world to market your digital wares. Instead of carting boxes of books or DVDs to events where you would sell them, now you can sell or give away cards redeemable online for your digital content.

Ganxy lets you bring the physical and digital worlds together. Find new retail venues—from local cafes to newsstands—to carry your Ganxy redemption cards. Provide a digital bonus bundle to accompany physical sales. Any physical product can be bundled with digital content, providing both manufacturers and digital content creators with new and unprecedented access to consumers.

Ganxy protects your content by ensuring that only holders of authorized codes can access it. We give you analytics data showing who accessed your content and when, providing you with new sales leads. You can also collect every redeemers’ email address so you can reach out to them directly.

Ganxy charges just $0.25 per redemption: $0.05 up front and the remaining $0.20 when a customer actually accesses the content. Most of the cost comes only when you reach a customer, providing you with maximum benefit at minimal risk. Printed cards cost typically an additional $0.45 per card plus tax and shipping. Contact us for our bulk discount rates on orders of 1,000 or more redemptions.

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Sell Direct. Keep 90% of your sales revenue, set your own prices, and sell from your own website, blog, or Facebook page.

Non-exclusive. You can link directly to any other retail outlet that carries your work, including iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Let your customers pick where to buy.

Consumer Information. Collect your consumers’ email addresses and promote future offerings to them.


Direct Sales

Customer Service. Ganxy provides extensive automated guidance for all reading devices, answers questions, and assists customers with any other problems.

Payment Processing. We handle all logistics related to transactions on our end.

Content Protection. Ganxy requires customers to be logged in to access content and offers download links that can’t be shared.

Transmedia. Sell multiple content types together as a single package. Ganxy supports eBooks, audio, and video.


If you are a digital content creator with an audience, people looking to buy your work often visit your website. But then they probably have to go elsewhere, to another retailer, to actually purchase your work—leaving you without 35–70% of the revenue you deserve, and with no information about who your customers are or how to contact them. If you’ve paid for advertising and worked hard to promote your work, losing money and control to another retailer hurts even more.

With Ganxy, you can offer customers an attractive, easy-to-use buying experience and keep 90% of your sales. We only get paid if you do. We handle customer support and all the details of online commerce. All you have to do is promote your work so that consumers find it. You control pricing, while Ganxy accepts payments from 190 countries and regions around the world. Once you've earned at least $10.00 USD, we'll send your earnings to you via PayPal upon your request.

Ganxy gives you endless options for how you can offer and promote your content. Offer your customers multiple buying options by displaying links to other retailers. Our job is to get you a sale, even if it’s not through us. Ganxy is also flexible, making it easy to bundle pieces together and send digital gifts.

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