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Fast, Physical Delivery for your Digital Content.

Get discovered, build your brand, and generate revenue with your content. Ganxy's tools make it fast, professional, and easy.

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Any website, blog, or Facebook page becomes your store: you keep 90% and your customer, we handle support.

Promotional Campaigns

Deliver content professionally or exchange it for an email address or surveys. We can print cards for you.

Cross-Device Fulfillment

We support Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, ... - giving your customers support, guidance and receipts.

Cross-Media Support

Offer digital documents, audio, streaming video, or eBooks. Or bundle several of them in a single purchase.

Get Your Content Into Your Audience's Hands -

With Hands-on Control Over Distribution.

With Ganxy, it's faster than ever to buy, sell, or send digital content to your audience. Any website, blog or Facebook page can be your store. You keep 90% of the selling price and your new customer. We'll handle the support. The Ganxy platform automates the process for you.

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It's Like a Gift Card for Your Content.

Ganxy cards have one-time-use codes which allow you to limit the number of times content can be shared. Downloads can only be made if the licensed customer is logged in, which protects the rights of creators and sellers and gives them more control over their work.

With Ganxy cards, your content no longer needs to remain buried among the endless supply of items on Amazon and other crowded marketplaces. Now you can set your work apart with greater visibility to the customers you target, and create added value through limits on use.

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Ganxy is a Simple, Self-Contained Solution for Self-Publishers, Content Creators, and Sellers.

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Ganxy Cards - Put Your Digital Content Straight into the Hands of Your Audience!

Handy pocket-sized cards with unique download codes for your e-books, videos or music. 
A great gift or a best-seller - you decide. 

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